How to Decorate for a Gender-Neutral Baby Shower

Most baby items and decorations are gender-specific: Blue for a boy or pink for a girl. Banners, ribbons, table cloths, centerpieces, and cakes are easy to specify with blue and pink along with the words “boy” and “girl.” But, what if your friend or relative has decided not to reveal the gender of their baby? What is the best way to decorate for the shower then?

Bee Baby Shower FavorsFortunately, there are a few easy things you can do to create an adorable and appealing baby shower when you do not know the gender of the baby. The following tips will help you to choose just the right decorations for your gender-neutral baby shower.

Use Gender-Neutral Colors

While pink and blue predominate in the baby industry, there are other colors you can use that are both adorable and gender-neutral. Just make sure that the colors are pastel, to reflect the fact that the party exists to celebrate a baby. The most common gender-neutral colors to use at a baby shower are purple, yellow, and green. You may also use a combination of blue and pink which, if used evenly, can work as a gender-neutral decoration.

Use Gender-Neutral Themes

If you know the gender of the baby, you can choose gender-specific themes like trucks for boys or flowers and sparkles for girls. Even though you cannot use these themes when you do not know the gender of the baby, there are other themes that will work just as well for both girls and boys. For instance, ducks are a very common, and cute, baby shower theme. You can also consider themes like ladybugs for baby shower favors, balloons, pacifiers, bee baby shower favors, and booties. has many different  decorations that fit these themes so you can throw an adorable, gender-free baby shower.

Use Gender-Neutral Language

Finally, you can throw a gender-neutral baby shower by using gender-neutral language. You do not have to use “boy” or “girl” on the cake or decorations. You can, for instance, stick with “baby” or “baby shower.” You can also use other cute expressions, like referring to the baby as “Baby __” and use the first initial of the mother’s last name. You can also use any nicknames that have come up for the baby, like “Peanut” or “Little One.”

By taking a few simple steps, you can easily throw a baby shower that is both gender neutral and cute. Your party does not need to suffer from a lack of cuteness or fun just because you do not know the gender of the baby. Instead, focus on using appealing, gender-neutral colors themes and language that will create a baby shower your guests will remember long into the future.

4 Tips for Taking the Pain Out of Baby Shower Thank-You’s

Baby showers are about “showering” the honored guest with love and gifts. If you do your job right, your guest of honor will leave her shower overwhelmed by the generosity of her friends and family, and blessed with as many clothes, diapers, blankets, and pacifiers as she will need to get through the first few weeks, or maybe even months, of motherhood.

Baby shower thank you notes Her Baby ShowerIf you are not careful, though, she may also leave with something less comforting: An overwhelming number of thank-you notes to write. Writing, addressing, and mailing a few dozen notes can seem insurmountable to an emotional and very pregnant lady who longs (and deserves!) to put her feet up at the end of a busy day. Other issues, like going into labor just after the shower, bed rest requirements, or pregnancy complications, may make it impossible for your guest of honor to spend hours hunting down addresses and filling out cards.

Fortunately, you can take the pain out of this daunting task and make the thank-you’s easy for your guest of honor. Following are a few tips that, and if you use them at your next baby shower you will make the note-writing process quick and easy for the mom-to-be.

Eliminate the Need for Thank-You Notes

One of the easiest ways to help your guest of honor avoid the burden of writing and sending lots of thank-you notes, is to remove the need to do so. Simply announce at the beginning of the gift-opening time that the mom-to-be need not send any thank-you notes. Just make sure you have baby shower favors available to thank your guests for coming, and allow the mom-to-be to thank each guest individually as she opens their present.

Make a List of Gifts

If you choose to go the more traditional route, however, there are a few things you can do to make the note-writing process easier for your guest of honor. First, simply have someone available with a pad of paper and a pen while the gift-opening is going on. Have this person make a list of each gift and person who gave it. Once the shower is over, give the list to your guest of honor, so she doesn’t have to worry about remembering who gave her what, or have to send out vague and impersonal thank-you notes. Just make sure the list describes the gifts in detail (for instance, “teddy bear onesies” instead of just “onesies”), to help your guest of honor remember which gift is which.

Provide the Thank-You Notes

You may also make the mom-to-be’s life easier by giving her the thank-you notes she will need to send out. Packs of thank-you notes are inexpensive and readily available. Just buy as many notes as you will have guests at your shower. Then, your guest of honor will be able to sit down, and write her notes without needing to head out to the store. Consider, for instance, these adorable thank-you notes.

Pre-Address the Thank-You Notes

Finally, you can make your guest of honor’s life easier by pre-addressing the thank-you notes. The easiest way to do this is to stand (or designate someone else to stand) by the door with the thank-you note envelopes and some pens in a basket. As each guest arrives, ask them to pull an envelope out and address it to themselves. To make this chore a bit more fun for your guests, consider holding a raffle. Use the addressed envelopes as the raffle entries. Whichever guest has their envelope chosen at the drawing will win a prize.

By taking a few simple steps ahead of time, you can provide your guest of honor with a stack of thank-you notes already addressed, and a tidy list of gifts and gift givers. All she will have to do is sit down, write a quick note to each guest, and stick the notes in the mailbox. And, she’ll be thanking you over and over in her heart while she does so!

3 Fun, Easy Baby Shower Games

Baby Shower games count the pacifiers

Count the Pacifiers

No baby shower is complete without one or more rollicking, baby-centered games. Whether you are the honored guest or the host, you will want to plan for one or two fun and engaging games that will leave your guests laughing and happy. While there are a number of features that make baby shower games successful, the most important ones are that the games be fun, lighthearted, and, above all, focused on babies and the mother-to-be. Following is a list of 3 of the most popular, time-tested baby shower games.

Don’t Say that Word!

This game is perhaps one of the most popular baby shower games ever. Deceptively simple, it is guaranteed to get your guests laughing, talking, and teasing as they struggle to avoid saying one or more all-important words. Here is how it works:

  • Choose one or more common baby shower words to make off-limits. For instance, let guests know that the words “baby” and “cute” are off-limits during the shower.
  • Then, distribute one clothes pin to each guest.
  • Tell guests that whoever hears another guest saying one of the forbidden words (like “baby” or “cute”), can take the clothes pin off the person who said that word and add it to their own shirt.
  • At the end of the shower, whoever has the most clothes pins wins a gift.

The Poopy Diaper Test

This game is sure to garner laughs with its focus on what will soon be a very important part of the honored guest’s life: Dirty diapers. Be aware that this game may engender some potty talk! Here is how it work:

  • Choose several distinctive kinds of chocolate candies. For instance, you may choose Hershey bars, Reeses cups, Almond Joy, and Snickers bars for this game.
  • Melt the candies until they are soft.
  • While the candies are still soft, add each kind of candy to a separate diaper and smoosh them into the diaper so they resemble poo
  • Label each diaper with a pin and paper
  • Pass out a piece of paper and pen or pencil to each guest.
  • Pass around each diaper and allow each guest to smell the diaper and write down on their paper which type of candy they think is in the diaper.
  • The person who correctly guesses the greatest number of candies wins a prize.

Baby shower game baby bingoBaby Bingo

This game is sure to whet the competitive edge of anyone who attends your shower. It is also a great way to make the gift-opening more interesting. Here is how it works:

  • Create bingo cards using an online generator or word processor.
  • Fill in each blank space randomly with an item that may show up during the gift opening. For instance, you may fill in some of the blanks with words like “diapers,” “onesies,” “pacifiers,” and “blankets.” Make sure that each card is different from the others, with words in different places.
  • Pass out one bingo card and a pen or pencil to each guest.
  • As the gifts are opened, the guests cross off the items on their bingo card if the gift opened is on their card. For instance, if one gift is a set of booties, then guests with the word “booties” on their cards can cross that box off.
  • The first person to get five items in a row in any direction is the winner and shouts “Bingo!”

If you want to save yourself time and effort, you can purchase this pre-made baby bingo game set from

Choosing any of these games will help to make your shower as lighthearted and celebratory as you want it to be.

For other fun and easy baby shower games, as well as great ideas for prizes, visit

4 Tips for Choosing Shower Favors to Remember

Baby showers are exciting events, full of happiness, joy, celebration, and fun. Your baby shower will be an event you and your guests will want to remember long after the games are over, the presents unwrapped, and the food devoured. The easiest way to help the guests at your shower do just that is also one of the most popular trends at parties of all kinds: Party favors.

Baby shower favors You are probably familiar with the party favor. This gift thanks guests for attending and serves as a reminder of the reason for the celebration. Unfortunately, party favors are also a bit tricky to pull off. The wrong favor can end up permanently forgotten in a drawer somewhere.

To avoid this problem at your party, you need to choose the right combination of small and memorable, inexpensive, but meaningful. Following are 4 tips to help you create favors your guests will love:

Choose Quality Gifts

Favors are supposed to be small and relatively inexpensive, but they shouldn’t look cheap, break easily, or say “Dollar Store” on the tag. Your favors reflect your gratitude toward your guests. Cheap items tell your guests they aren’t very important to you, and they make your thank-you less meaningful.

Instead, look for small items with lots of quality. For instance, bars of handmade soap, small jars of honey or jam, ceramic figurines, recipes, or cookie mixes are all inexpensive without being cheap. They add an elegant touch to your favors that assure your guests you are genuinely grateful they came.

Choose Useful Gifts

When choosing favors, it is equally important to choose a gift you think your guests will actually use. No one wants something they will throw away or stick in a drawer and forget about. Bubbles, for instance, may seem like a cute idea, but most people will probably not go home and blow bubbles to remember your party.

Instead, make sure your favors are something that your guests can eat, use, or display with pride. For instance, choose a figurine that they can display on a shelf. Give them cute bars of soap that they use as they soak in the tub, or thoughtfully wrapped candy for a sweet snack.

Choose Fun Gifts

Even though you want to choose a useful favor, you also want to choose a fun gift. Avoid favors that are purely practical. Sending all the moms at the party home with tubes of diaper cream, for instance, will probably not communicate fun, or gratitude.

Instead, choose a gift that is as great as your shower was. Choose something pretty, whimsical, or cute that will make your guests smile every time they look at it. For instance, if you choose soap, order soap that comes in fun shapes. If you send home recipes, tie them up in envelopes decorated with ribbons. If you give away figurines, pick ones that are whimsical and cute. Let your guests feel that the gift, like the party, is fun.

Choose Personalized Gifts

Personalized favors, when done right, turn ordinary items into keepsakes for the future. These favors contain the date, the party, and guests of honor, and maybe even another small message or two. With a quick glance, your guests will know where and why they got the gift, and be reminded again of the fun and games they played at your baby shower. Personalized favors are available for many different items. Check out all the fun shower favors you can personalize at!

No matter which favor you choose, be sure it will remind your guests of the shower they attended. Choosing quality, meaningful, personalized favors will ensure that your guests feel loved, remember the shower fondly, and look forward to coming back the next time you have a baby shower.

Diaper Cakes are Tops on the Baby Shower Ideas List

Diaper Cakes are the hottest new baby shower idea!  They are so versatile, and can be customized in many ways that are only limited by your imagination. Different colors can be used, and cloth diapers can even be dyed to match any theme. The basic diaper cake is so simple to make, all you need are diapers, rubber bands, and dowels.

Diaper cake from wikihow

Diaper cake from wikihow

Take a diaper open end up, then begin to roll it up.  Put a rubber band around the rolled diaper, and this diaper will become the centerpiece of the entire cake, or use 2 or 3 diapers to make a bigger bottom layer securing them with rubber bands. Next roll up more diapers and secure them with rubber bands just as you did the first one.  Then place these diapers around the centerpiece diaper or diapers, and wrap a rubber band around all of them to hold them secure.  Do this again to make another round if you want a cake this big. This will be the lower layer of your diaper cake.

Make the second layer of diapers exactly the same as the first, just don’t use as many so it will be smaller.  That way when it sits on top of the other layer, it will be the smaller layer.  Keep doing this same process of rolling diapers, securing them with rubber bands until you have enough to make the second layer a bit smaller.

Do this again to make your third diaper layer, making it just a little bit smaller than the second layer of diapers, so it will fit nicely on the top of the second layer of your diaper cake.  Use dowels to secure each layer together, pushing them down through all the layers. Cut a piece of cardboard the size of the bottom layer to set the bottom layer on to stabilize the cake.

To finish off your unique diaper cake there are many choices of baby shower ideas to choose from.

Ribbons of any color, shapes and sizes can be used to adorn your diaper cake.  Take 2 different ribbons, put them together then twist them so you can have multi-color bows and decorations.

Use little pacifiers in an assortment of colors, and tie them up with the ribbons.  You can also use strings of feathers in different colors, along with so many other things to decorate your diaper cake.  Remember to put the first letter of your bundle of joy on your creation.

Lollipops sticks, are another great idea.  You can even use little animals to set on and around the layers of the cake, with some peaking out from within the diapers.   You can take out a few diapers from the middle and put baby items in their place, like bottles, lotions, pacifiers, baby clothes, baby shoes, baby blankets, and just about anything you can think of.

To transport your diaper cake, wrap it in a plastic bag, and pull tight with a ribbon to keep it secure. Check out these top baby shower favors you can use to customize, and personalize your diaper cake.  These diaper cakes make great gifts for any baby shower, so decorate your storage bag also with some of these unique baby shower ideas for the next baby shower you attend.

Check out these great pre-made diaper cakes from

Diaper Cake baby shower ideas

My Very Own Baby Shower (Part II)

Hi, its me again, Hatifa. Our last post about my baby shower was all about the theme (Goodnight, Sleep Tight Baby!), the food (midnight snacks, nighttime feedings, sleep potions, sweet dreams and night caps) and the decorations (baby mobiles, stars and moons galore, tulle cloud puffs –  all tied in with a simple color theme). Its been a long time coming, but I was (finally!!) able to finish up writing about my own baby shower. Here we’ll cover the games, prizes and baby shower party favors! Sorry it took so long, but being a mom has been keeping me quite busy ;-)

Baby Shower Games

Baby shower games should be fun, easy to play in groups and most importantly get the guests excited and interacting with each other. Without games, a baby shower might just feel like any old lunch party. You don’t have to spend a lot of money on games to make them fun and personalized.

We started out our afternoon with a simple game that tied in with the theme: “Count the Sheep”. We filled a small plastic jar with sheep animal crackers, tied a ribbon and a tag around it with instructions and passed it around the room. As guests ate appetizers aka “midnight snacks” they tried to guess how many sheep crackers filled the jar. The person who guessed the closest to the number without going over won the prize.

Count The Sheep Baby Shower Game

Use sheep animal crackers to fill up a jar!

The only supplies you need are an empty plastic jar, some ribbon to jazz it up, and a large bucket of animal crackers (the hardest part was digging through and finding the sheep shaped ones to put into our jar).

The second game we played was Baby-themed Taboo (coming soon to our store!). It’s the baby shower version of the classic game where a player tries to get her team members try to guess the word on her card by describing it. She can’t use the word itself or a small list of “taboo” words. The team (we split into groups of three) who got the most guesses right in the allotted time won prizes.

To personalize this game, we printed the taboo cards on lavendar metallic cardstock and printed the back of each card with the mom-to-be’s name and baby shower date. Again, all you need for this game is a pdf file of the cards, a few pieces of cardstock and a printer.

Of course it wouldn’t be a baby shower without some more traditional games. We chose the super simple game “Guess the size of mom-to-be’s tummy”. We passed around a ball of yarn and a pair of scissors to the guests, asking them to cut a length of yarn that would fit mom’s tummy. The person whose piece of yarn fit the mom’s tummy best, won the prize. This game is perfect because it can be played while guests are eating lunch or dessert. You always get laughs when inevitably a guest with no sense of estimation misses the mark by about a foot or two.

Our grand finale was the Baby Jeopardy game (also coming soon to our store!). This was inexpensive but took a little planning. We made a large jeopardy board from oversized poster paper. We used blue metallic paper to make each question-and-answer card in six different categories (baby and goodnight theme related of course). As guests chose different categories, we pulled off the cards from the poster board. Whoever correctly answered the question first, held onto the card with the dollar value. This was an easy way to keep score. At the end guests could count how many points/dollars they earned. Our categories included lullabies, baby animals, parents in the Bible, and Guinness world baby records.

Baby Jeopardy Baby Shower Game

Baby Jeopardy makes a super fun baby shower game!

Baby Shower Game Prizes

We wanted to give prizes that were useful and tied into the theme. For two of the games, we gave out gift baskets full of “Moonlight Path” scented items from Bath and Body Works.

Because Baby Taboo was a team game, we gave out three $5 gift certificates to “Enjoy a Nightcap” at STARbucks to the team that won.

And our grand prize went to the winner of Baby Jeopardy, two tickets to “See the Stars” – movie passes to a local theater.

Baby Shower Favors

To bring the whole goodnight theme together and to give our guests a small token to remember the shower and say thank you for coming, we handed out candles with little sleeping bunnies on them. We tied personalized tags to the candles. Check out these adorable candles in our store now!

Baby Moon Bunny Candles

A super cute bunny napping on a moon amongst the clouds went perfectly with our baby shower theme!

Baby Moon Bunny Candles

These adorable candles are available in both pink and blue bunnies.

That’s about it! I LOVED my baby shower and want to thank my sister-in-law and cousin for hosting! I had a lot of fun at mine, and hope you love yours just as much. If you have any questions, please let me know. I’d love to hear your comments as well. Thanks!

Why You Should Have A Baby Shower

This is a guest post by Lisa Norton.

When you find out you’re pregnant there are certain things that most women look forward to, and start daydreaming about. Feeling your baby kick for the very first time, glimpsing at your baby’s face when you have a scan at your doctor’s office, and seeing all your friends and family gathered together at your baby shower. The baby shower is a rite of passage for first time moms, and the first of many celebrations you will share with your baby throughout their life. So why should you have a baby shower? And why are your friends and family getting so excited about throwing your baby shower party for you?

The Social Importance of Baby Showers

Your baby shower is a great way for you and your family to bond with your baby before he is even born, whether you choose to have a small shower or a huge one. Baby showers have a key social importance, as they provide a great way for all of the women in your community, whether they’re you family, friends, work colleagues or members of your church group, to come together and to celebrate a brand new life and the new arrival to your family. Becoming a mom is a new social position for a woman, and your shower is a way for the women in your life to welcome and accept you into this community of moms and give you any support and encouragement you need on the way; after all, from changing dirty diapers to helping with that first science homework assignment, motherhood is a series of endless challenges!

Baby showers also have a great financial importance for moms-to-be too: After all, at a baby shower you are literally showered with gifts. So the baby shower is when moms-to-be will receive all of the things they need to provide for their new arrival: From their diapers to a bassinet and activity center. Your baby shower will provide you with a great morale boost too: baby showers usually come towards the end of your pregnancy when your ankles are swollen, your bump is heavy, and you’re ready for your pregnancy to end. So the timing of your shower is perfect for giving you a lift and reminding you that your pregnancy will soon be over and you’ll soon have a baby to put in your new crib and dress up in those adorable onesies!

Baby Shower Etiquette

You don’t need a lot of money to throw a great baby shower: you’re baby shower can cost as much or as little as you like, from a beautiful budget event to a flamboyant and extravagant party. Tradition dictates that you will only have a baby shower once, as you only receive a baby shower for your first baby: but in recent times, women have found they are also thrown a shower for their second and even third baby.  Until the mid-twentieth century, baby celebrations were held after the birth of the baby. The baby shower as we know it now, a party held prior to a baby’s arrival, is a relatively modern phenomenon. Nonetheless, there are a series of loose rules and etiquettes that surround the throwing of a baby shower.

Firstly, baby showers are considered to be female-only events. Although some people do invite husbands and other men from their community to celebrate at the shower, generally men are considered off the guest list. This, no doubt, goes some way to explain why so many showers have such feminine themes: eating frosting laden cupcakes, taking part in bump measuring competitions or games and nibbling on dainty sandwiches are all very girly activities.

BadaBada Baby Bingo

A baby-themed bingo game!

99 Flash Cards of Baby-Themed Trivia

99 Flash Cards of Baby-Themed Trivia

Secondly, the mom-to-be can’t throw a baby shower for herself. The shower is traditionally thrown by a close female friend or family member. In part, this is because if you throw the shower for yourself it is considered poor taste to be asking for gifts for yourself.  Besides, if you have someone else throw your shower for you then the theme and decorations will all be a wonderful surprise when the big day finally arrives.

Finally, don’t forget to buy a hostess gift for the host who throws your shower for you. A hostess gift is not a necessity, but it is certainly a very kind gesture: it’s the perfect way to say thank you for organizing such a wonderful event, and will let your hostess know that their hard work is appreciated.

New Baby Tin of 16 Belgian Chocolate-Covered Oreos

New Baby Tin of 16 Belgian Chocolate-Covered Oreos

The Importance of the Baby Shower

This is a guest post by Lisa Norton.

Many people think of the baby shower as a thoroughly modern concept and something only developed and introduced in the 21st century. Actually, a baby shower is more likely a modernized form of welcoming a new baby into the world, while at the same celebrating the worth and power of the mother who is carrying the child. Baby showers are simply a great excuse for a party! You can devise any kind of theme relating to the interests of the parents to be, or have fun with baby decor and fun trinkets. You can incorporate special food, themed drinks and desserts, and generally turn your baby shower venue into a magical place of fun and happiness. People might think that baby showers are expensive to organize. They don’t have to be. You can easily organize a baby shower on a budget, by finding trinkets and accessories hidden around your home, and creating inexpensive meals and snacks for your guests. You can even find all-in-one party kits at very reasonable prices.

his hassle-free baby shower kit is a custom, comprehensive baby boy party in a box!

Blue Baby Shower Mod Party Kit

Gifts for the Mother

Of course, a central element to your baby shower is the ritual of giving gifts to the mother, both for herself and for her baby. Fathers are always welcome to be involved in the baby shower too, but generally the trend seems to be for a women only affair, and a chance for girlfriends to get together and share their experiences of motherhood. Some people prefer to offer gifts purely for the babies, and some give to the mothers. Other people might combine something such as baby clothes and a trinket for the mother, for example. If you are looking for something a little bit different, and your mother-to-be is a busy office executive or business owner, why not find her the perfect personalized gift that she can use at work?  Or maybe a gourmet gift basket? This is a great idea if you have been invited to a baby shower in the workplace, and you are not especially close to your pregnant colleague on a personal level. You can find a lovely, useful gift at a very reasonable price.

The Confetti Celebration Gourmet Gift Basket is filled up with some of our most popular Belgian Chocolate and Caramel Hand Dipped treats.


Gifts for the Baby

Giving gifts for the baby is still going to be the favored option for guests at a baby shower. There are so many wonderful and unique items to be found and shared. One fairly new concept that lends itself perfectly to the theme of the baby shower is a diaper cake. If you are not familiar with these, a diaper cake is a pile of diapers (usually disposable ones), artfully arranged in tiers to look like a wedding cake. They are then decorated with flowers and ribbons, which can be matched to the color or theme of the baby shower party. There are some beautiful examples to be seen, and you can get lots of ideas of how to create your own unique diaper cake, if you choose to give one as a gift. It makes a beautiful centerpiece for the party table, and the photographs and memories it invokes will last a lifetime. If you enjoy hobby crafts, then a diaper cake might just be the perfect new project for you to try out.

Modern Baby Diaper CakeSafari Baby Diaper Cake

The Meaning of the Baby Shower

Moving on from the gifts, a baby shower is a time for gathering. Throughout history humans have celebrated and recognized important times in their lives, including rites of passage, marriage ceremonies, funeral ceremonies and christenings. The baby shower is a modern concept derived from a historical ritual.  It used to be purely for women, when they would gather together in the pregnant mother’s bedchamber or private rooms, and prepare for the birth of the child. Men were largely excluded, mainly because they had no understanding of pregnancy and childbirth, unless they were medical doctors, and so they would leave the women to their own work. The modern baby shower is far more accepting of male guests, and you can decide for yourself whether you want it to be a women only event, or something for the whole family and friendship circle.

While many people might claim that a baby shower is simply another excuse for commercial interests and forcing people to buy gifts that they don’t really need, there are many more who appreciate the event for its origins. A baby shower does not have to be about spending money. You can find plenty of accessories around the home that can be adapted for decorations, and you can easily put together delicious snacks and drinks that look very effective but don’t cost the earth. In addition, you can always find amazing items on sale or inexpensive items that look super cute, including baby shower gifts, party supplies, or baby shower party favors. As for the actual giving of gifts to the pregnant mother, well that is an individual choice. Nobody expects anything, and we all appreciate that times are tough. You can just as easily make a pretty gift from remnants and trinkets you find at home, and these will be welcomed and treasured by the new parents. Or, you can find very affordable and unique gifts to suit all budgets and personal interests.

Bringing Up Baby: Eight Ways To Document Your Pregnancy

When you’ve got a baby on the way, you want to remember every moment. Documenting your pregnancy is the perfect way to commemorate your child’s path in the world, and will mean you’ll have lots of special memories to share with that child as he or she gets older:

1. Keep a Pregnancy Album

Take a picture of yourself every week, or even every day, to document your baby’s growth. You can get a friend or loved one to take the pictures. The final picture will be of you holding your new little one. You can use that final photo to make copies and send them out in thank you cards to guests that attended your baby shower. You can add a fun twist to this idea by wearing a T-shirt for each picture saying how many weeks pregnant you are or how many weeks you have left.

Pregnancy album hbs

2. Voice Recordings for Your Baby

Dig out your old CD player (or just use your computer) and take some time to chat with baby. Talk to your child about all the things you plan to do together, what you plan to teach him, everyone he will soon meet — whatever comes to mind, really. When your child is older, you can listen to the recordings together, and he will know just how loved he was from the very beginning.

voice recording hbs

3. Make a Pregnancy Scrapbook

This is something you can do digitally or by hand. If you opt to go digital, many companies like will print your scrapbook into a hardcover book. But, if you want to make it by hand, you have the added fun of heading to the craft store to pick out details pieces like 3-D stickers and pretty ribbons. However you choose to do it, making a scrapbook is a great way to document your nine months. It’s the perfect way to keep track of everything from ultrasounds to baby shower photos.

keepsake album hbs

4. Dear Baby

For something more tangible than recordings, write your baby a letter. Whenever you have something you want to say to him or her, just jot it down in a note. When your child is old enough, you can stick together and reread the notes. You could even have them bound into a special book to keep on the family shelf.

sticky note hbs

5. Make a Belly Cast

Remember making masks of your own face using plaster of Paris in high school art class — that wasn’t just me, was it? Well, you can remember your pregnancy by creating a belly cast. You can even buy special kits to make the process easy. It’s the perfect fun project for you and a loved one to do together.

bellycast hbs

6. Keep a Pregnancy Journal

Throughout your pregnancy, keep a journal just for documenting your thoughts, feelings and ideas. Record your reaction to seeing a positive sign on your pregnancy test or how you felt when you used a due date calculator to determine when you’d likely give birth. Documenting your thoughts will help you think about the changes in your life, and it will make a beautiful keepsake to reread for years to come.

notebook gift hbs

7. Blog About It!

If you want to keep a more public record of your pregnancy, and maybe even connect with other moms-to-be, consider starting a pregnancy blog. In addition to documenting everything pertaining to yourself, it’s a great way to share updates with friends and family, and get advice and insight from others.

blog about it hbs

8. Weekly Q&A

Every week, answer a series of questions about your pregnancy — how are you feeling, do you have any cravings, and so on. Later, you’ll be able to look back and see how your answers changed week to week! It’s a great way to chart the process of your pregnancy.

qanda hbs