Baby Showers on a Budget? Simple Menu Ideas

I have a confession: I’m addicted to Pinterest.

Baby Shower Favors

The mother to be unwrapping gifts at her baby shower.

I’ve actually put a personal ban on using the site because what starts as a five minute check-in turns into a five hour vortex of lost productivity. So when I was recently planning a baby shower and trying to stick to a strict budget, it was tough not to immediately fire up my Web browser and head for the land of lost time. I’m not alone, either. Several of my friends – when I asked them for tips – just referred me back to the forbidden site. So I had to get creative.

The good news? Time was on my side. I had more than a month to plan and prepare. I did a lot of (occasionally productive) Googling and found tons of extravagant ideas, but many of the resources I thought would be useful ended up being fluffy and useless. I eventually decided to do it on my own.

I happen to have a pantry full of fine china that I rarely if ever use, so I decided to skip paper products altogether. I dusted off the dessert plates, serving ware, tea cups and crystal and decided to keep it a classy, afternoon affair. Best of all, I found these super cute miniature porcelain tea cups and these adorable stainless-steel tea infusers to give away as baby shower favors.

Teacups and Tealights Miniature Porcelain Tealight Holders Baby Shower Favors

These mini china tea cups are the perfect baby shower favor for an Afternoon Tea Themed Party.

This cute tea infuser is another great option for a baby shower favor for an English Afternoon Tea Party.

This cute tea infuser is another great option for a baby shower favor for an English Afternoon Tea Party.

By hosting a Sunday afternoon tea party I knew I would save money and be kinder to the mom-to-be and here’s why:

  • No need to serve an entire meal. Big savings here.
  • The party would take place between lunch and dinner, so fewer supplies were needed.
  • Since the lady of honor wouldn’t be drinking alcohol, the party would be dry. Again, big savings here.
  • For decorations, I posted baby pictures of the mom- and dad-to-be around the house so everyone could get a good laugh.
  • I only needed to provide enough food to keep people busy between the baby shower games. By keeping the focal point of the party the social interaction, I could keep the menu limited.
  • I followed up on RSVPs so I had an accurate headcount and didn’t prepare too much food.

So, did I stick to my budget? You bet! I didn’t have to buy any paper products, and the novelty ones get expensive quite quickly. For drinks I served an assortment of hot teas, infused water and a sparkling fruit punch (in a pitcher, not a bowl). I figured that by offering a variety of teas I could cover anyone who didn’t like the cold beverages and there wouldn’t be any waste since I’d use the tea eventually, anyway.

For food, I skipped the kitschy, baby-themed foods, in favor of playing silly themed games. It was easy: I just selected the games I liked, downloaded, and printed them.  I made my own vegetable platter and served it with Ranch dip and hummus. I made my own hummus, (I do this all the time) but store bought is quite reasonable and tastes great, too. A block of sharp cheddar cheese, jack cheese and two types of crackers made for a nice display of easy-to-eat foods. Lastly, I did a platter of sweets. I can bake simple items, so I made bite-sized peanut butter cookies and chocolate chip cookies. In the center of the dessert platter was my piece-de-resistance: chocolate peanut-butter no bake cookies from

In the end, we had a great party without too many leftovers and while I had some dishes to do, it was worth it to celebrate a great friend and stick to my budget!

Let it Shower…Diapers

Have you ever stumbled upon a baby shower where you saw a giant multi-layer cake that somewhat resembled a wedding cake? Outrageous, right? But in actuality, that beautifully decorated cake is nothing but multiple layers of diapers. YES, diapers.

Diaper cakes are a unique way to welcome a new baby, in addition to a great baby shower gift and/or table centerpiece. Shop our store for beautiful and stylish couture cakes created with layers of disposable diapers and adorned with cascading silk flowers. Each baby diaper cake is carefully assembled by hand and comes wrapped in delicate white tulle, tied with a satin bow, and secured with an old-fashioned diaper pin. A must-have for any new mom, and a wonderfully ideal way to say  “Welcome to the World!” They make a gorgeous baby shower centerpiece, a delightful hospital newborn baby gift, or a charming decor addition to baby’s first room.

Groovy Baby Diaper Cake

PINK DAISIES WITH PAISLEY Each tier of the baby diaper cake is tied with jacquard ribbon patterned with pink and pale yellow paisley and adorned with gorgeous pink daisies.

Groovy Baby Diaper Cake
BLUE MUMS WITH SWIRLS Each tier of the baby diaper cake is tied with jacquard ribbon patterned with blue and pistachio swirls on a chocolate background and decorated with bright blue mums.

Groovy Baby Diaper Cake 2

Safari Baby Diaper Cake

CREAM PEONIES WITH LEOPARD Each tier of the baby diaper cake is tied with leopard print grosgrain ribbon and decorated with gorgeous cream peonies.

Safari Baby Diaper Cake

HOT PINK DAISIES WITH LEOPARD Each tier of the baby diaper cake is tied with leopard print grosgrain ribbon and adorned with hot pink daisies.

Safari Baby Diaper Cake 3

GREEN DAISIES WITH ZEBRA Each tier of the baby diaper cake is tied with zebra print grosgrain ribbon and decorated with vibrant lime green daisies.

Safari Baby Diaper Cake 2

Modern Baby Diaper Cake

PINK MUMS WITH PINK DOTS Each tier of the baby diaper cake is tied with satin ribbon patterned with large pink dots on a chocolate background and adorned with soft pink mums.

Modern Baby Diaper Cake

CREAM DAHLIAS WITH BLUE STRIPES Each tier of the baby diaper cake is tied with aqua, pale blue, cream, and chocolate striped grosgrain ribbon and decorated with rich cream dahlias.

Modern Baby Diaper Cake 2

Classic Baby Diaper Cake

PINK ROSES WITH POLKA DOTS Each tier of the baby diaper cake is tied with pink and white polka dot grosgrain ribbon and decorated with delicate shades of pink and cream roses.

Classic Baby Diaper Cake 1

BLUE HYDRANGEAS WITH BLUE CIRCLES Each tier of the baby diaper cake is tied with steel blue circle print satin ribbon and adorned with bunches of soft blue hydrangeas.

Classic Baby Diaper Cake 2YELLOW GERBERA DAISIES WITH POLKA DOTS Each tier of the baby diaper cake is tied with yellow and white polka dot grosgrain ribbon and decorated with sweet yellow Gerbera daisies.

Classic Baby Diaper Cake 4SAGE GREEN PEONIES WITH SAGE CIRCLES Each tier of the baby diaper cake is tied with sage green circle print satin ribbon and adorned with elegant sage green peonies.

Classic Baby Diaper Cake 3

About to Hatch Easter Baby Shower

Easter is a huge family holiday and also a great time for a baby shower. There are various ways to bind together the theme of Easter into your baby shower. Here are a few ideas:


Eggs are a symbol of fertility and birth in countries all throughout the world. Eggs are also a traditional identification of Easter. You can actually have egg themed decorations at your baby shower ranging in soft pastel colors. Don’t be shy on using decor of chicks in addition to bunnies. Eggs are eggs and come in all sorts of varieties. Upon arriving, have your guests write nuggets of wisdom and/or advice regarding motherhood. Place them in a basic woven basket and have the mommy-to-be read them aloud at the end of the event.


Keep the egg theme alive!



Omelets or an omelet bar

Egg salad

Deviled dggs

Tuna and egg sandwiches

For dessert? Easter candy!


Stainless Steel Egg Whisk-  A baby is about to hatch and stir things up for the lucky, new mom and dad. Can you imagine a cuter way to mix those metaphors into a fabulous baby shower favor than this?

Stainless Steel Egg Whisk

The Nest Egg- Do you remember how delicately you held a robin’s egg as a child? Just the way a new mother holds a baby. These favors sweetly brings that memory back especially for baby showers with a magnificently designed favor that celebrates the present and looks to the future.

The Nest Egg

Time For Baby Egg Timer- Time is ticking and they’re expecting! This practical and inventive favor will be appreciated by guests with its stylish packaging and clever play on words. Cute little pink or blue egg-shaped timers will be reminding guests of your baby shower day every time they set the timer from 1 to 60 minutes.

Time for Baby Egg Timer

About to Hatch Salt and Pepper Shakers- Is someone “eggs-pecting?” How “eggs-citing!” Here’s an absolutely adorable favor certain to spice up any baby shower and give your guests an “eggs-ceptional gift” to take home.

About to Hatch Shakers

The Best of All Things Come in Pairs

Preparing for the arrival of a new baby is a super exciting time. But that excitement doubles (out of control) when preparing for the arrival of twins. Themes provide a better focus while planning a baby shower (whether it be for yourself or a loved one) and allow you to concentrate on the sweeter details. A theme can tie everything together for a beautifully articulated event.

Two peas in a pod is a very popular theme that’s also flexible for however many multiples are expected.

two peas in a pod picture


When selecting decor for your two peas in a pod twin baby shower, allow for several shades of green to take over, with accent colors depending on the twins’ gender (pale pink, lavender, baby blue, or pale yellow).


So even though those green balls of goodness add flavor to dishes like pasta salads, you may not want to include peas in every dish you serve at the baby shower. Here are a few ideas:

Key Lime Pie Shooters

French Macarons with Kiwi Filling

Pea Pod Cake Pops and Sugar Cookies

Green Candied Apples

Mini Quiches

A Very Berry Platter


My favorite part of any party are the favors mainly because I love sweet details and I love seeing the creativity that goes behind favors (especially for themed parties). Here are a few ideas:

Two Peas in a Pod Salt and Pepper Shakers- These honestly add some zip to the saying “two peas in a pod”! The charming gift presentation also brings a cheerful touch to the joyous occasion.

Two Peas in a Pod Salt and Pepper shakers

Baby Feet Cookie Cutters- Granted this isn’t explicitly “pea” related, it still falls in to the category of adorable favors. Besides, who doesn’t want to take home cookie cutters to add to their collection?

Baby Feet Cookie Cutters

Peas in a Pod Candles- The candle set has two baby design candles, with a single strand of hair on each forming the wick, peering out of a snuggly green pea pod. Too cute.

Peas in a Pod Candles

Her Baby Shower Games

Baby showers are a great way to literally “shower” mommy-to-be’s with presents and love. They are also a fun way to get together with friends and play games. Today I wanted to share a few fun game ideas for you to try at the next baby shower you’re having or hosting.

1. Stroller Derby Baby Shower Trivia Game-  How “baby savvy” are your shower guests? Find out with the game that asks questions like  “How long does it take a woman to change a diaper?” and “How long does it take a man to change a diaper?” The answers are actually quite surprising and extremely entertaining! Just add delightful prizes for the winners and you’re good to go!

Stroller Derby Game

2. Baby Pacifier Game- The object of this game is to be the one wearing the most “baby pacifiers”. Throughout the course of the shower anyone who says words related to baby showers or mommies (select your own words) must give up their pacifier necklace/bracelet. This is a twist on a class game played at baby showers for generations. Instead of using safety pins (where holes are left) or diaper pins, use pacifier necklaces.

Baby Pacifier Game

3. Count the Pacifiers in the Bottle- How many pacifiers in the bottle? The guests may pick up the bottle, but not open it!! The one who guesses the exact number will be awarded with a gift that you supply.

Baby Pacifier Bottle Game

4. Mommy’s Big Belly Party Scratchers- Ok honestly…if you play this game you’re in for some serious fun.  Why is mommy’s belly so big? Did she eat something? Drink something? Or is she really having a baby?

Mommy Belly Scratcher Game

The ideas for games are absolutely endless! I hope you will be able to use a few of these ideas soon! Do you remember the best baby shower you’ve been to? Were games involved? What are your most and least favorite baby shower games?

Over the Moon With Excitement — A ‘Goodnight Moon’ Baby Shower

Why not draw inspiration for a baby shower from a classic bedtime story. “In the great green room, there was a telephone and a red balloon, and a picture of the cow jumping over the moon.” Margaret Wise Brown’s “Goodnight Moon” is an American classic, and the perfect theme for a baby shower or kids birthday parties.

Cow Jumped Over the Moon Pic

This book has been loved for generations and is a popular gift to give to expecting mothers or new babies. Drawing from the colorful pages, it’s easy to transform your shower into an adorable come-to-life book.

Gift Registry

First things, first. Before you start planning every detail for your shower, you need to get on a registry for gifts! For the essentials you will need:

Once you’ve registered for the necessities, register for some fun things that you would be interested in, like perhaps a Snuggle Bug photo album.

It’s All in the Details

  1. Banquet tables: Trade the traditional pastel-colored table cloths and transform the banquet, food and gift table into beds. To pull of this look, use some inexpensive bed linens and pillows and draw inspiration from the book by using playful patterns and vibrant colors. Don’t forget to place a teddy bear on each “bed”, as well.
  2. Balls of yarn: Just like in the book use colorful balls of yarn as decor throughout the shower. Use blue, red, yellow and green balls of yarn.
  3. ‘Goodnight Moon’ banner: Bust out those crafty skills and create a “Goodnight Moon” banner. You can find a variety of banner ideas floating around Pinterest, with the most common using twine or ribbon, burlap or fabric, and stencils. You can make a few of these banners to place around the shower.
  4. Cow jumping over … anything: One of the most memorable parts of the book is the cow jumping over the moon! You can have die-cuts or cow stickers pasted on the wall jumping over your clock, a floor lamp, anything really. Or you can create a moon from scrapbook paper. You can even purchase an “Over the Moon” vintage bookmark with a keepsake nursery rhyme gift box.

Moon Bookmark and Giftbox Favor

Get a few copies of the book and place them around the room. Your guests will be able to read the book and see where you drew your inspiration from. The thing to remember for this shower is to use bright colors: shades of greens, oranges, yellows, reds and blues. Distinguish the guest of honor by adorning her chair with red balloons.


For some simple sweets, how about some cheesecake shooters? Just use some small shooter glasses and layer cheesecake mixture and graham cracker crust in a few layers. Top it off with some blueberries and a cookie pastry in the shape of a star. Mini cupcakes are always a hit. Make some custom cupcake toppers with some print-out “Goodnight Moon” sayings and quotes.

Party Favors

For a lasting party favor, give out copies of “Goodnight Moon” to all your guests. Or if you want to express your gratitude even more deeply, hand out these custom made candles imprinted with babies sleeping on a “moon”.

baby sleeping on moon