Why You Should Have A Baby Shower

This is a guest post by Lisa Norton.

When you find out you’re pregnant there are certain things that most women look forward to, and start daydreaming about. Feeling your baby kick for the very first time, glimpsing at your baby’s face when you have a scan at your doctor’s office, and seeing all your friends and family gathered together at your baby shower. The baby shower is a rite of passage for first time moms, and the first of many celebrations you will share with your baby throughout their life. So why should you have a baby shower? And why are your friends and family getting so excited about throwing your baby shower party for you?

The Social Importance of Baby Showers

Your baby shower is a great way for you and your family to bond with your baby before he is even born, whether you choose to have a small shower or a huge one. Baby showers have a key social importance, as they provide a great way for all of the women in your community, whether they’re you family, friends, work colleagues or members of your church group, to come together and to celebrate a brand new life and the new arrival to your family. Becoming a mom is a new social position for a woman, and your shower is a way for the women in your life to welcome and accept you into this community of moms and give you any support and encouragement you need on the way; after all, from changing dirty diapers to helping with that first science homework assignment, motherhood is a series of endless challenges!

Baby showers also have a great financial importance for moms-to-be too: After all, at a baby shower you are literally showered with gifts. So the baby shower is when moms-to-be will receive all of the things they need to provide for their new arrival: From their diapers to a bassinet and activity center. Your baby shower will provide you with a great morale boost too: baby showers usually come towards the end of your pregnancy when your ankles are swollen, your bump is heavy, and you’re ready for your pregnancy to end. So the timing of your shower is perfect for giving you a lift and reminding you that your pregnancy will soon be over and you’ll soon have a baby to put in your new crib and dress up in those adorable onesies!

Baby Shower Etiquette

You don’t need a lot of money to throw a great baby shower: you’re baby shower can cost as much or as little as you like, from a beautiful budget event to a flamboyant and extravagant party. Tradition dictates that you will only have a baby shower once, as you only receive a baby shower for your first baby: but in recent times, women have found they are also thrown a shower for their second and even third baby.  Until the mid-twentieth century, baby celebrations were held after the birth of the baby. The baby shower as we know it now, a party held prior to a baby’s arrival, is a relatively modern phenomenon. Nonetheless, there are a series of loose rules and etiquettes that surround the throwing of a baby shower.

Firstly, baby showers are considered to be female-only events. Although some people do invite husbands and other men from their community to celebrate at the shower, generally men are considered off the guest list. This, no doubt, goes some way to explain why so many showers have such feminine themes: eating frosting laden cupcakes, taking part in bump measuring competitions or games and nibbling on dainty sandwiches are all very girly activities.

BadaBada Baby Bingo

A baby-themed bingo game!

99 Flash Cards of Baby-Themed Trivia

99 Flash Cards of Baby-Themed Trivia

Secondly, the mom-to-be can’t throw a baby shower for herself. The shower is traditionally thrown by a close female friend or family member. In part, this is because if you throw the shower for yourself it is considered poor taste to be asking for gifts for yourself.  Besides, if you have someone else throw your shower for you then the theme and decorations will all be a wonderful surprise when the big day finally arrives.

Finally, don’t forget to buy a hostess gift for the host who throws your shower for you. A hostess gift is not a necessity, but it is certainly a very kind gesture: it’s the perfect way to say thank you for organizing such a wonderful event, and will let your hostess know that their hard work is appreciated.

New Baby Tin of 16 Belgian Chocolate-Covered Oreos

New Baby Tin of 16 Belgian Chocolate-Covered Oreos

Bringing Up Baby: Eight Ways To Document Your Pregnancy

When you’ve got a baby on the way, you want to remember every moment. Documenting your pregnancy is the perfect way to commemorate your child’s path in the world, and will mean you’ll have lots of special memories to share with that child as he or she gets older:

1. Keep a Pregnancy Album

Take a picture of yourself every week, or even every day, to document your baby’s growth. You can get a friend or loved one to take the pictures. The final picture will be of you holding your new little one. You can use that final photo to make copies and send them out in thank you cards to guests that attended your baby shower. You can add a fun twist to this idea by wearing a T-shirt for each picture saying how many weeks pregnant you are or how many weeks you have left.

Pregnancy album hbs

2. Voice Recordings for Your Baby

Dig out your old CD player (or just use your computer) and take some time to chat with baby. Talk to your child about all the things you plan to do together, what you plan to teach him, everyone he will soon meet — whatever comes to mind, really. When your child is older, you can listen to the recordings together, and he will know just how loved he was from the very beginning.

voice recording hbs

3. Make a Pregnancy Scrapbook

This is something you can do digitally or by hand. If you opt to go digital, many companies like Shutterfly.com will print your scrapbook into a hardcover book. But, if you want to make it by hand, you have the added fun of heading to the craft store to pick out details pieces like 3-D stickers and pretty ribbons. However you choose to do it, making a scrapbook is a great way to document your nine months. It’s the perfect way to keep track of everything from ultrasounds to baby shower photos.

keepsake album hbs

4. Dear Baby

For something more tangible than recordings, write your baby a letter. Whenever you have something you want to say to him or her, just jot it down in a note. When your child is old enough, you can stick together and reread the notes. You could even have them bound into a special book to keep on the family shelf.

sticky note hbs

5. Make a Belly Cast

Remember making masks of your own face using plaster of Paris in high school art class — that wasn’t just me, was it? Well, you can remember your pregnancy by creating a belly cast. You can even buy special kits to make the process easy. It’s the perfect fun project for you and a loved one to do together.

bellycast hbs

6. Keep a Pregnancy Journal

Throughout your pregnancy, keep a journal just for documenting your thoughts, feelings and ideas. Record your reaction to seeing a positive sign on your pregnancy test or how you felt when you used a due date calculator to determine when you’d likely give birth. Documenting your thoughts will help you think about the changes in your life, and it will make a beautiful keepsake to reread for years to come.

notebook gift hbs

7. Blog About It!

If you want to keep a more public record of your pregnancy, and maybe even connect with other moms-to-be, consider starting a pregnancy blog. In addition to documenting everything pertaining to yourself, it’s a great way to share updates with friends and family, and get advice and insight from others.

blog about it hbs

8. Weekly Q&A

Every week, answer a series of questions about your pregnancy — how are you feeling, do you have any cravings, and so on. Later, you’ll be able to look back and see how your answers changed week to week! It’s a great way to chart the process of your pregnancy.

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